Immediate Action Required

Apply for ERSPay by April 1st to Prevent Service Interruption

We are transitioning to a new modern checkout process that exclusively supports ERSPay for payment processing. This upgrade is designed to enhance online transaction efficiency and conversion rates. It is critical for the continuation of your online ordering capabilities that ERSPay is activated on your account before the forthcoming changes take effect.

Failure to implement ERSPay by the deadline will result in a disruption of your online ordering system, affecting both backend and frontend operations. To facilitate a seamless transition, we urge you to initiate the ERSPay application process without delay. To provide you with full transparency in this transition, we want to share with your our competitive Merchant Service rates with ERSPay.

Our rates are 2.89% plus .20 per transaction + an estimated 0.15% Card Brand/Pass-through fees. We will also guarantee to match or beat your current merchant services rate. If you apply for ERSPay by April 1st, we will also waive your monthly statement fee entirely.For assistance or inquiries, please contact the ERSPay Support Team at [email protected], or schedule a meeting with us here.

We appreciate your swift cooperation to maintain uninterrupted service and ensure a smooth experience for you and your clients.

For a step-by-step guide to completing this process, please click here.

Processing Fees, Rates and Features

  • $0 Monthly Fee.
  • Annual PCI Compliance Fee of $99 is waived for all ERS Customers.
  • 2.89% plus .30 per transaction + an estimated 0.15% Card Brand/Pass-through fees.
  • Chargeback Fee: $25 Per Item
  • Reconcile directly from your ERS CP (Control Panel).
  • Retains “Card on File” for future orders (not available with other integrations).
  • Direct Single Sign-on merchant portal in your ERS CP (not available w/other integrations).
  • Tier 1 Support provided by our own Event Rental Systems’ Technical Support team.
  • Virtual Terminal within your ERS CP.
  • Discount on our email marketing service called ERSMail.
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