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Here are the basics about ERS:

ERS is a web-based software package that allows your customers to order on-line while viewing real-time availability. Everything that can be automated has been all the way down to automated/intelligent add-on sales, customer surveys and reminders to book next year. ERS then allows you to run your business more efficiently through the use of reports, automatic marketing tools, scheduling and routing tools that combine into a money making machine. You can use the software from any location that has internet access, including your phone!

The only thing cooler than taking an order while shopping or hanging out, is getting orders from customers while you sleep! You can have as many order takers or customers accessing your site at the same time as you wish. ERS users quickly find that 30-60% of their orders are placed on-line by the customers. This saves time and labor in the office because moms often like to shop on-line without having to talk to anyone.

Can it really pay for itself?

Event Rental Systems software saves LOTS of Time and Money. How do we know? For starters, we made this for our own bounce house rental company. When we implemented the scheduling and routing features that are built into ERS we saved over $1600/month in gas from the MUCH more efficient routing. When we added yearly reminders to the software we tracked an additional $434 per month on average. Can you send emails to your customers 11 months after their last event? Sure, but will you do it consistently every month? Well, if you can pull that off then you’re better than I was…

ERS handles all of the reminders like clockwork and can even include a repeat customer coupon that you can send as enticement to be a return customer. If you didn’t have to answer the phone for 40-50% of your bookings, would that save you time (if you’re still answering the phone yourself) or money (if you’re paying someone)? Even keying in credit card numbers into a machine is eliminated since it’s all handled on-line.

“But with ERS, you have to keep paying a monthly fee. That adds up!”

I know that’s what some people think but that’s because you’re not seeing the whole picture… To get software with anywhere near the features that ERS offers you would be spending something like $2500-$3500 or more.

Note: There aren’t any software packages that currently offer true scheduling/routing and on-line ordering other than ERS. Also, we offer unlimited user accounts for no extra cost to you but play along with the math anyway…

Here’s the kicker…

Time Value of Money

What’s that you ask? Well, while some people have their money tied up in software up front, ERS customers only pay $99 for annual hosting (less than you’re probably already paying) and a low monthly payment. This means that the thousands that have not been spent on software can be invested into another inflatable unit, piece of laser tag equipment, or other business venture. Assuming you invest wisely, your investments can more than offset the expense of the ERS software. Plus you get all the benefits that ERS offers…benefits that other companies can’t even touch.

Not convinced? Keep reading…

Your customers see a simple, easy to use web site that allows them to pick a date and then see everything that you offer that is still available for that date. They are never shown items or services that aren’t actually available.

We are NOT talking about a common request form…but real-time inventory tracking!

Never double book or miss a delivery again!

ERS is billed monthly and you can cancel at any time. In addition to the monthly subscription fee (see our pricing page for a listing of monthly fees), there is an annual fee of $99 to host your website. Note, even if you are not using our site as your primary website, we still charge a hosting fee as all of the data from the website is stored on our servers. We offer optional services (such as a mobile-friendly website) that are not required to operate the system. There may be an additional fee for these services.

There are no hidden fees, cancellation fees, or term commitments.

To cancel your subscription, we ask that you send us your request in writing (even a simple email is suitable). There are no long term contracts. In fact, the only contract that we use is our user agreement that basically says our program is ours and your database information is yours. You can leave at any time with no hard feelings. Of course we’re banking on the fact that you’ll love it and won’t want to leave.

We won’t ever share any proprietary information with any other company. Your info is yours and that’s the way it should be. You can download/export your entire database at anytime (and you should for extra safety anyway.)

Our system is encrypted and is mirrored on multiple servers for safety. We are always looking for ways of improving our safety and redundancy.

We have over $500,000 worth of development time into this software so far and we aren’t stopping any time soon! Features are always being added and improved. Updates are free!

Use your voice mail to send your customers to your website to place their order right away for best selection.

Your customers will appreciate instantly emailed receipts with pictures and deposit information. They will also appreciate the pre-party tips and reminders that are automatically sent to them.

Customers like being asked about their opinions (and you’ll like the feedback). That’s why ERS automatically sends each customer an on-line survey and can ask them to rate or comment on anything that you would like to know.

Well, it’s all the rage right now and it should be. SEO, in case you don’t know, stands for “Search Engine Optimization.” People talk about it because when a site is “optimized,” search engines like Google find the site easier and place it higher in the organic search results. The goal is to be ranked as high as possible. Statistics show that if you aren’t on the first page of a Google search, you basically have a zero chance of being found at all because people don’t typically look past the first page.

We are always improving our sites’ SEO. Rob, One of the owners of ERS, used to teach SEO tips and tricks to tons of clients while operating a multimedia company that produced high end websites.

Our sites come pre-loaded with keywords for the party rental industry such as bounce house, inflatables, jumpers, laser tag, etc. For best results, you’ll still want to tweak and edit the text, and have good, incoming links to your website. Your website will be very user-friendly and allows you to easily edit and tweak your text, meta tags, and meta descriptions. It is so easy that you never need to see any code or HTML (unless you want to of course.)

Absolutely! We made our own CMS (content management system) that allows you to add and edit your own pages and text. It’s just like using a word processor. You can make as many pages as you want. For example, once you’ve collected some nice testimonials about your laser tag company (the automatic surveys do this for you), you can make a “Testimonials” page and it will be automatically added to the navigation on the site. Just copy/clip the text!

Yup. Spanish, French and German are already available. Need another? Just ask. We have a great way of making new language sites.

You can make your site look and feel anyway you want. You can use our many website sections or you can have an industry expert build a site inside our system for you or you can use our FREE WordPress plugin inside of your current WordPress website.

Some jump companies that have large complicated sites, choose to link to our software just for the ordering process. This works too, but if it isn’t huge we suggest moving the pages to our system. Doing so makes the pages easier to maintain and keeps a uniform look and feel throughout the site. Do not forget, we also offer a WordPress Plugin.

We offer our own Merchant Service and Payment Gateway, called ERSPay! We offer great rates, no hidden fees, in-house Tech Support, and a completely streamlined interface, since you don’t have to leave our system to manage your account.

You can click here to learn more about ERSPay.

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