ERS just helped us take a vacation. Turned phones off and voicemail directed folks to ERS where they booked themselves...while we were at the beach with our family

- Da Bounce Party Rentals

Event Rental Systems is the best cutting edge software available at an affordable price. It puts our company way ahead of our competition. Our team ABSOLUTELY loves it!

- Jaime Zepeda - Zepivia Corp. Valley Fun Jump

Here are a few more:

Just wanted to say thank you for a great piece of software. Glad I signed up a few days ago, as I just got my sumo suits in on Monday and someone already called to rent them today. So when is the ERS iPhone app coming out!? I need to swipe mobile cc payments with iPhone.
-Damian Gonzalez

ERS just helped us take a vacation. Turned phones off and voicemail directed folks to ERS where they booked themselves...while we were at the beach with our family.
-Da Bounce Party Rentals

ERS IS THE BOMB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's the best. words cannot describe how much easier rob and his software has made my life!!!! its just my second year in the business and this was my best move so far!!! If you try it you will love it! there is nothing better than hearing my cell phone beep with a rental at 2am! and yes I also took a vacation and booked over 30 rentals while i was gone!!! -
-Big Daddy's Party Jumps

Wanted to make you aware that i looked at a lot of software packages throughout my search ( 2 years )... I liked your software from the first moment that I viewed it in Orlando! Since the install in March, I have fallen in love with almost every aspect of the program.. For my operation it has fit in perfectly, my only regret is that I did not find your program sooner...

Nice job with the design and ideas you have put into the software..
- Jim Coffey

Event Rental Systems is the best cutting edge software available at an affordable price.
It puts our company way ahead of our competition. Our team ABSOLUTELY
loves it!
-Jaime Zepeda, President Zepivia Corp. Valley Fun Jump
1st day: Got 2 online bookings today :) Thank you so much for this opportunity to have a real life, lol
- Olga

I am so glad I found your great company Rob. I've been extremely satisfied. I wish I had started using you from the beginning and not waited four months to come on board. :( I kept thinking converting every product over would take forever and it did take a bit truly is how you mention on your web site, it's like putting my business on autopilot. AWESOME. extremely satisfied.

It's the best option available. just a small monthly payment. No purchase fees. Don't waste any more time. But if your my competition. Don't get it! haha! -
Prime Time Fun

I submitted our new ERS site ( to the search engines about 2 weeks ago and now the ERS site shows up before our site. YAY! When they say it is SEO optimized it really is!
-Da Bounce Party Rentals

We have been using ERS for 2 months now and could not be any more excited.. when my site went live I actually had an online booking before I could even see my own website on my computer.. It's great to be at your regular job, at the park with the kids or anywhere for that matter and get a text message telling you that you've just made money. I could pay the monthly fee with only half of one of the 8 on-line rentals I'm getting every week..Plus the click and print contracts plus the routing plus the knowledgeable human being that you speak to with all of your questions. I don't consider myself the smartest businessman in the world ,but this has been the smartest business decision that I've made yet..

I did and it works to perfection...I'm really impressed!!! Thanks for supplying this much needed automatic website.
- Lars Theorine Jump for Joy

I am liking ERS more every day.
- Michael Burke
Blast Off Bouncers

Wanted give you a pat on the back for the new system. Works really well. Change over was a little hard only because change is always hard for me. Keep up the good work.
- Jim Edmonds
Bouncey House Rentals

I just wanted to shoot an email and thank you guys, I am doing the payments today and WOW, impressed! The wife normally does this because in the past I found it so difficult but with the three charts on the right side with total, paid and due it's become SO easy.
- Ismael
630 Jump

Ok other than that I love all the things I can do on the website and all the help I get from you.
- Ken
American Moonwalk

I just want to say THANK YOU for everything you do for us in assisting us with keeping our system running, your dedication and your responsiveness ... You are the best!!!
- Steven
The Jumpy Bunch

ERS is my best friend!!
I can continue to live my isolated artistic life with my three house rabbits and since I have ERS' love - I need none other!! I will remain forever loyal to the ERS!!!
Kris Magic Princess

Just wanted to say, still lovin' the website. I am also developing a great Facebook presence that points back to the site, and also had my first official "non-acquaintance, non-referral, web search only" order last week. Very exciting. :)
- Andres
Bee's Knees Bounce Houses

You are freaking awesome. I was hesitant to ask b/c I thought it was going to be a lot of work for your developer to make the changes. You continue to wow me. Thanks a lot.
- Richard
I Bounce Inflatables

I have been meaning to email you and tell you that we LOVE using ERS! It is so awesome and makes everything so much easier. Our customers also love having the option of booking online. We are very very happy with it, so thank you so much!
- Summer Cantrall
Jump N2 Fun

Thank guys are the best and I'm telling you this system is completely changed my business tell Rob thank you thank you thank you
- Bryan Payseno
Prime Time Interactive

35 drops for us is great! Your website is really helping!
- Ryan Gratland
Emma Lu's Party Rentals

Thanks for help. As always A service.
Keep up the good work.
-Enrique Jaime
Texas Inflatable Rentals

We've had nothing but favorable feedback from customers on our website by the way. I personally love it, as does my staff, and I've noticed we've improved in search engine results also, jumping up from #7 or 8 to #3.
- Audrey, Desert Jumps

Thank for the great software and the Excellent customer service you guys provide. I`m really happy with my website and love to wake up and see that I`m book for the weekend.
- Juan Maza
The Bouncy Kingdom

I just had to write you a quick note because I just noticed the greatest thing! There have been two different websites of bounce companies that I have admired and thought were nice. The first one was not willing to share ANY information and the second one was. This was all before I met ERS. I always had a bad taste in my mouth for the first owner who was not willing to talk to me, all to find out they are your customer!! LOLOL! I say all this to say, I know your company is what I have been looking for and I was lead to you, even by those who did not want to help me! Neither of them referred you to me. I found ERS from my own research and still wound up where they could have directed me months ago!

I am not very religious, but when I come across people like that I always say "God don't like ugly!" I FOUND YOU GUYS ANYWAY! So I am just really excited to know I am on the right track. I took it as a sign of some sorts, but it just made me relax knowing you are everywhere!!!! If you want to take a look at the sights here they are:
- Torina Marie Benford
Got Bounce?

Thanks for the reinforcement. You, As Always ROCK!!! I ask could you be any better. Is that even possible. Some one give me an Amen.
- Jim Edmonds
Bouncy House Rentals

First I want to Thank You for your excellent customer service. You are the best!
- The Jumpy Bunch

Just wanted to say, I am loooooving the website. I am on there almost every day on the administrator side, fiddling with it. It's so great.
Bee's Knees Bounce Houses

V2 is AWESOME!!!!! I love It!
Tri City Party Rentals

Jen and I had fascinating appt with Lezlie today.
Since Jen and I both use ERS weird she was able to creatively and smartly guide us around. Hats off to AWESOME Lezlie! She's also so innately "rah rah rah ERS is great" that it shines through.
Rah rah rah,
- Kris
Magic Princess

I REALLY LIKE IT! You did a fantastic job! It's pretty much exactly how I wanted it. I changed some wording a bit but otherwise you hit the nail right on the head. Thank you so much for all your hard work and putting up with my silly bs.
- Chris
Illiana Party Rentals

ERS is Total "Mental Floss":) it takes the headache out of keeping track of appointments not only for inflatable's but all kinds of rental businesses. Gone are the days of worrying about missed calls and defending travel fees. All is explained. Reservations are made all hours of the day and night. ERS has the best technical support of any company I have dealt with.
-Kevin Colucci
MD Fun Party

why wouldn't I refer??!!! I love ERS. it gives me more from to focus on running my business operations and I love that the website does all of my sales. I wake up happy seeing $$$ in my gmail ha ha because of reservations.
- Ismael
630 Jumps

That sounds great! You guys are awesome, I would recommend you to anyone! We're really looking forward to the new version and being able to do so much more. Thank you for all your help, ERS is the best in the business as far as I'm concerned. Call or email me if you need anything or having a problem.
-Philip Hoffman
Inflatable Events Inc

I WILL recommend your services to others, and the ERS has been a huge help and blessing to us.
- Russell Rachal
Hope all is well. Business is doing great here for a first year company. Your system takes all the headaches out of my job. Keep up the good work. All the updates and changes have been great

-Enrique Jaime
Texas Inflatables

I canââ¢t tell you how happy I am with ERS, Lezlie. With the limited time I have to work on the website and reserve parties, you have made my life easier and less stressful! Adding items, maneuvering through the site, booking orders, making revisions â✠everything is easier because of ERS. Thank you so much. We are fortunate to have ERS at B.T. Bouncies.
-Brian Bering
B.T. Bouncies

Thank you lezlie, you have been great. Wishing you a speedy recovery. I love the fact that I can call you and you always take the time to solve my issues and pay attention to my needs!! I love your customer service it is by far the best I have encountered

-Deisy Cazares
Rockin' Bounces Inflatable Rentals

We absolutely love the system, Rob. Your staff is awesome and the system
has already proved to be a great time saver for us. Thank you for the email. Nice touch.
- Brian - BT Bouncies

Thanks again, it was great working with you and your team. You are all so knowledgeable and professional :)
-Catalina Schultz
Sassy Lola

Thank you again for the wonderful help. That is why ERS is the best, and I would recommend you to anyone in this business! We've been with ERS for more than 3 years now, and wouldn't use any other service!

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