Top 7 Reasons to Consider a Party Rental Software

As a party rental business, there is so much that needs to be done especially in keeping track of rental inventory. From large items like tents and stages to others like tables, and speakers, keeping abreast of all these can affect the success of your business.

However, using a party rental software makes it easier. A party rental software not just makes the experience seamless for you, but also for your clients. It streamlines all aspects of your rental business such as scheduling an order, accelerating quotation, tracking inventory, and managing clients. Party rental system also saves you time and money and will eventually take your business to the next level.

If you’re still wondering whether this will work for you or not, trust me it will. To help you understand more on why you need this system, here are 7 top reasons to consider a party rental software for your rental business.

Manage Rental Orders Effectively

During the holiday season, tracking orders can become a bit tedious as lots of customers call in to make bookings. For businesses, it is possible to mix up orders or even completely forget about some. It is also possible to lose some equipment if you cannot recall which client has it.

Properly managing your orders prevents you from overbooking equipment and ultimately affects your brand image.

The party rental software becomes vital especially at these periods to track and manage rental orders. You would be able to keep a record of invoices, and information of the customers making specific orders or sales.

Ease of Keeping Inventory

When renting a tent, there are several things needed from the fabric, the poles, and the pegs. Keeping track of what you have and what is needed when an order comes up can be very daunting. 

However, using party rental software assists in the managerial function of keeping a record for each item. With the software, each unit is tied to a specific identifier or a serial number that helps identify what is in store and how many of such. 

There is also the option of viewing the availability of items in a stock view. You can view your stock in an appealing way any time of the day.

The fun aspect of the party rental app is that it is easy to mark items that have been taken out of the store, the date they were ordered as well as who placed the order. This makes it easy to keep an accurate inventory so you do not have to worry about any loss.

Make The Right Choices With The Reporting Feature

As a business, important decisions on trends to take or even new methods to apply in the new year are influenced by previous data. To be honest, keeping all those files can become cumbersome and take up space.

With a party rental software, you would be able to declutter and organize these files. Data is stored in the software in an orderly manner and presented in different reports based on what you desire.

This well-laid out data allows you to make plans and decisions for a better business. For instance, you would be able to decide when to trim off something you have already covered in your next budget. If you find that you have more tents or tables than are often rented, it becomes easy to stop getting them.

Convenience and Speed In Operations

With party rental software, your customers can easily place correct orders on the things they need without your guidance or that of a staff. Things like the size of the tent, the perfect linen needed, or any party gear can be easily and promptly done on the software. 

Not just on your end, it makes the whole process convenient for your clients as well. Orders can be easily placed from anywhere without necessarily coming over to the office. Within minutes the system promptly gives approval or decline based on what is on the ground and the client can move on time.

Another selling point of rental software is that orders can be placed on both sides. Meaning both the client and you the admin of the page can create an order. This covers even those clients that still come to the office.

Flexible Payment Options

One important part of a business is collecting payment and with party rental software, your clients not just make orders online but can also make payments online. You could receive payments through cash, cheques, or credit cards. There are also varied payment gateways giving them several options to choose from. 

Once the software is set up you would be able to offer flexible payment options that suit your clients irrespective of their location. 

Increase Your Online Visibility

With the right party rental software, you can easily do your business online especially in a time when lots of people are spending increased time online. What better way to boost traffic and get noticed than to take your business online as well. 

Without making long queues or booking several appointment dates, your clients would be able to book payments and find information readily. This would bring in even more clients that would otherwise have been too busy or far away to come physically to your office. Think of the software as a way to beat the competition while improving the overall experience of your customer.

Create Customizable Quotes and Proposal

As a business offering services that would spice up a party, it’s crucial to share captivating proposals and invoices. The aesthetics of your invoice and proposal might seem insignificant, but you are more likely to convert a client with an appealing invoice than a boring one.

Whether it’s an invoice, an agreement, or a quote, party rental software enables you to customize your document layouts as you require them.  

This amazing feature allows for more efficiency during the quotation stage.

When you are able to distinguish what party rental item that’s already booked from the one that’s available, you’ll be able to efficiently satisfy your customer demand. 

With your customized proposal all set up, all you have to do is determine how much information you want to convey and send to your customer’s email.

More interestingly is you can effect any change you want while you are on mobile. Thus, you can manage your business everywhere you go.

Also, via a unique shareable link, the software allows you to share printouts with your client where they can reject, view, accept, comment, and download the quote as they require.


Whether yours is a start-up or a well-established party rental company, your business can benefit from using rental software. The overall experience of your customers can be improved through the convenient order placements the software readily provides. You would also be able to interact more with your customers through software.

Running your business smoothly is easily done as well through the proper keeping of records and inventory. Cases of lost equipment due to not accurately remembering which client has what is removed as the software serially arranges information. You can easily find what you are looking for since everything is arranged.

Use Event Rental System As Your Preferred Party Rental Software

There is no denying that a party rental software like Event Rental System can help to grow your business and take it to the next level. From booking order to keeping track of your equipment, a party rental software have you covered. The Event Rental Systems can help you do all that and more like providing seamless integrations, enhancing customer management, and a customizable online storefront.

For more information on the Event Rental System, click here to learn more.

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